First step of many...

   This is actually a repost, since Google is so dumb, it managed to delete the first/introductory entry while I attempted to delete another blog post I started and decided I'd wait on for now.  Yay, stupid technology that has no !@#!ing clue!  Ugh!

   Dear Journal,

   After much pondering, I've managed to finally figure out what's been bothering me about the comments on the interweb.  At first I felt I needed to find an outlet that had the proper user controls for blocking/ignoring -- but after thinking it through, it's dawned on me, there's no intelligent life to be found out there (on the net).  Not to mention, I've never really ever given a crap what people think of my opinion or who I am, so why then was it getting so troubling to read a news article and say my two cents, only to have some snot-nose chicken$#!+ spineless coward hiding with no nuts anonymously behind a computer screen while they'd run their mouth and purposely attempt to mud-sling and push buttons!?  Or why was it such a pain to watch a gaming video on YouTube, mention something about it, and instantly be labeled some form of elitist, fanboy, or clown that didn't know what they were talking about!?

   That's when it finally hit me... I don't care what anybody thinks.  Go ahead and think I'm a cynical arsehole -- but hey, I really don't care, LOL!  Everybody has a right to their opinion, and I could crap on whatever that opinion is.  The problem wasn't the conversation as much as it was the REFLECTION.  I'd read articles, see videos, witness things, and just had the normal reactions, then needed some form of voicing those reflections and insights.  So for that very reason, I've decided it's time for another web-journal, AND... if you're reading this, buckle your seatbelt, strap the !@#! in, and hold on for dear life... because you're now Inside The Mind's Eye... and I could care less if the roller-coaster car that you're riding in ever makes it back to the station!

   If you happen to be a reader that agrees with my insight or viewpoint, then fabulous, birds of a feather.  On the other hand, if anything I say happens to offend you, well then, all I can really say is I have a 3 step process for you to follow:
1) Cry Me a River  
2) Build me a Bride  
3) Get the !@#! over It!! 

Seriously, you think anybody on the interwebs cares that you disagree!?  All I can seriously suggest is that if you don't like it, don't read it... go find something more your speed... perhaps a pop-up book or a Mad Libs, aye? ^_^

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