Huge double-standard!?

   Okay, I couldn't even imagine making this up, in fact, my mind is officially blown.  Check out the reason for this post here at: Kid's Meth-Lab Lego Toy-Set.

   Or you can simply watch the video here:

   Wow, I know right!?  I mean, WHAT IN THE HELL!?  Everytime things go down hill, and violence or drug issues happen, what's the first thing everybody and their brother wants to blame!?  Video games, music, art, etc.

   But a freaking METH-LAB toy-set -- and even though they claim it's aimed at jaded hipsters and adults... right, because every adult wants to sit around with tiny lego figures playing with a fake toy plastic super (meth) cooker!?  *facepalm*

   This just has gigantically DOUBLE STANDARD written all over it.  All these political movements to do away with and strike down gaming and the art found in gaming... but hey, we'll just turn a blind eye while our kids have mountains of toy guns and plastic super-cooker meth-labs to play with to keep their imaginations busy.

   Really!?  Is it too late to stop the world and get off!?  I really think I missed my stop quite a ways back and really feel like I don't even belong here anymore.  If the world were to get anymore jacked up, we'd all need a V8... not that it isn't massively crooked enough already! >_<

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