Z-baby strikes again!

   Dear Journal,

   There's those times in life we wish that we could just wish away certain people.  As of late, Georgy-Porgy Zimmerkiller is one of those people.

   After he got away with profiling somebody due to the color of their skin, hunting them down, and cold-bloodedly killing them -- aka: murder... a court trial which is now proving itself to have been thrown and tampered with, managed to come up with calling him "not guilty".  Even though at least half the jury have confessed that they feel in their hearts that he truly and legally got away with murder, that the wording of the law made that possible, and they're working to fix it so it doesn't happen again.  Was also proven at the trial that Zimmerboy studied law, even though he lied about doing so, but knew enough to stage the crime and weasel the system -- doesn't help that his "daddy" is also some big ranking legal official that I'm pretty sure is yanking strings somewhere.

   Now, as if that wasn't enough, Mr. Skinhead is back on the attack, with his wife now in danger.  Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before he goes racing the freeways in a white Ford SUV with a whole crew of police officers on his tail. This bozo has already had problems with another ex that attempted to get a restraining order against him.  He's also had legal issues in the past for assaulting an officer.  Now he has murder to add to that list; and if there's any real justice in this world, stalking, assault, and battery can be added to the list.

   This man's a menace, a racist, an egomaniac, and a narcissist.  Some ignorantly and stupidly derranged people in the world seem to view this man as a hero (nothing like being blatantly blind to the truth), but all he really is, is a massive zero!

   It's also now coming out, from the medical examiner in the case, that they were pressured to throw the case from the start, and was also intimidated to change their testimony; then later for asking questions, they fired him for it.  Seems the real truth may very well be that Trayvon Martin was actually shot in the back, not the chest.

-- Yup, our justice system is about as iron-clad as a stick of butter I tell ya!  Not to mention the equivalent of a brothel at rush hour... more holes than a person could ever dream of! >_<

UPDATE!!!: Well, yet another hole has been found in the Zimmerkiller case where he **murdered** Trayvon Martin.  One thing that ALWAYS bothered me, is that if Trayvon did everything Georgy-Porgy claimed -- slamming his head, punching him in the face, and smothering him, Trayvon's hands should have been a veritable PETRI DISH of DNA... but yet there was ZERO Zimmerslayer DNA found on his hand, just as there was no DNA found on Zimmerthug's gun that Trayvon supposedly had his hands all over.  The Zimmerboy supporters all claimed, "well, the rain washed away the DNA".  Which is odd, because there's actually studies that show water can actually PRESERVE DNA, and often times DNA can be stored over time in cold water, (and again, they blatantly disregarded the lack of DNA on Zimmerbaby's firearm, which I highly doubt "laid out in the rain").  But what's the hole you might ask?  A news article today out of Oklahoma showed divers testing sonar equipment in a local lake, where they found two submerged vehicles, that match descriptions of cars that went missing in '69 and '70.  Keeping in mind that's 43-44 years they've been submerged in water, it's been reported that they QUOTE "will use DNA to identify the bodies".  So let me get this straight... bodies can be trapped at the bottom of a lake for over FOUR decades, and DNA can still be found... but because Trayvon Martin laid out in the rain for 20-30 minutes... every single scrap of possible DNA from his *attacker* was utterly washed away!?  Right, I call a big BULL!@#! on that one!

LINK:CNN Video talking about two vehicle submerged for 40 years, using DNA for identification.

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